5 Traits That Most Beautiful Canadian Women Have

Most Beautiful Canadian Women could be anyone from a Victoria to a Yukon. These women are known to the whole world as the “Most Beautiful Canadian Woman” which is bestowed on her by the National Cartoon Awards. The honor is usually bestowed on the best acting performance and the best supporting actor in the same film or production. It is however, not that simple as it seems since the actresses have to be very much focused on their roles. Below are some top five qualities that make an actress more beautiful.


The first thing that can make a woman beautiful is the nationality she was born. Some actresses are hailing from the British provinces and have the British accent, while others are hailing from the Eastern part of Canada and do not have the British accent. It has something to do with the place of birth in the case of the British actors. The Canadian nationality also determines the color of the skin, hair and eyes. The most beautiful actress in the country is the one who was born in Toronto, Ontario. This is because the actress who was born in Toronto has the widest array of cultural and national backgrounds.


The second trait that can make a woman more beautiful is her height. Most Canadian actresses are either an inch or two taller than what people say is the normal human height. Some have been blessed with perfect faces that look more like an angel’s than a human being, while others are a bit on the heavy side. The character they portray may require them to be on the heavier side, but that does not matter, for beauty is beauty!


The third trait that can make an actor more beautiful is her facial appearance. Most Canadian actors were born in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, although some also come from Ottawa, Alberta and PEI. Some say that having the Canadian nationality gives you an edge when it comes to beauty, but whatever the case, many say that theirs is nothing to compare to the beauty of the other country’s women.


The fourth trait is the city in which they were born. For actors born in Vancouver, BC, this is where the film industry is centered, so getting that role is always considered to be a lock. On the other hand, actors who were born in Ottawa, Ontario are usually considered “entry” since the most popular activity in this part of the country is cycling, to get a role like a cyclist is often looked at as a perk for those with the Canadian nationality. On the opposite end of the spectrum, actresses who were born in PEI, will almost always get the parts with bigger roles such as a foreign exchange student.


The fifth and final trait that makes a woman more beautiful than the average woman is her ability to catch the eye of men. Most men do not care about the nationality of a woman as long as she fits into their idea of beauty. However, when you add the idea that the nationality of a woman should matter just a little, you can see that the importance of this attribute becomes clear. With all the emphasis on being soft and beautiful in films and TV shows, it is easy to understand that having the ability to catch men’s eyes is vital. Some think of an actress as having few options, but being beautiful and having great facial features will always help. Knowing your nationality can put you at an advantage when it comes to choosing the best roles in Canada.

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