Ancient Wonders of Rome

There are certainly many, if not all of the ancient wonders, man has created, man-made wonders of our world, and even more engineering marvels of our world. Interestingly enough, many individuals may be quick to name just the Great Pyramid of Giza, which formed a part of perhaps the most ancient wonders of our world and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon… But just what other man-made wonder of our world is there that we ought to take a look at? Consider some of these man-made wonders:


One of them to consider would have to be the Basilica of Tourslea. This basilica is built of marble and is a one- kilometer long building located in what is today the Basilica di Tourslea, in Rome. The original name of this basilica was the Roman basilica di Tivoli. It was built during the twelfth century and was known for its beautiful fountains. The most famous basilica fountain that can be found in this building is the Fontana dei Colli, which depicts the Last Judgment done by the Roman Emperor Trajan on the river Tiber.


Another ancient wonder that you might want to take a look at might be the Colosseum. This is the first stadium in the Western World that was built way back when the Romans first laid their hands on the site. In fact, much of what stands today of this arena came from what was once the Temple of Artemis Agrotera located nearby. This Colosseum is the home of two of history’s most infamous battles – the Battle of Marathon and the Battle of Antilles. Today, this location is considered the site of one of Rome’s largest and most well-known public parks.


Next, you have to check out the ancient and fascinating Hanging Gardens of Babylon. These gardens actually date back to about five thousand B.C. and were a part of a massive palace. While walking around the gardens, you will be able to see some of history’s greatest wonders. You can go inside of some of these gorges, and while there you may be able to see the interior of some of these buildings. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were a part of Alexander the Great’s military campaign.


If you want to see one of history’s most amazing monuments, you should probably consider visiting the Colossus Maximus. This is a marble statue of a winged lion and it is a favorite tourist spot because of its unusual design. While it would likely not make a good walking tour due to its size, it would be a great place to just relax and enjoy the view. This giant statue of a winged lion has become the city of Rome’s most famous landmark.


Finally, if you are interested in ancient Roman architecture, you should also consider seeing one of their most famous attractions: the Colosseum. This area was the site of many battles during the time of ancient Rome. Today, you can walk through the stadium and take in some incredible views of Rome. The Colosseum has hosted some of history’s most famous battles including the Olympic Games.

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