Book Review – Inflamed And Infamous: The Mythical Trickster by Liz Primeau

Infamous Mythical Tricksters from Around the World is a book that will take you inside the minds of the most famous tricksters of all time and give you fascinating information about how they created their infamous characters and how they acted in society for centuries. The book reveals the real motivation behind many of the world’s most well-known tricksters – how they became who they were, and how they started doing things that people thought were simply incredible. It also looks into why these popular tricksters became the way that they were and how they continue to be around today. It is a fascinating look at how these characters moved from being simple clowns to being cunning tricksters who caused mayhem in many different areas of the world.

The popular mythological tricksters of today have always been famous because they were some of the most cunning tricksters in the world. but some of the earliest known tricksters are also thought to be some of the first truly iconic tricksters. Coggles is believed to be one of the first really popular mythological tricksters in folklore and ancient drawings, and this prankster mostly left his secrets to his two assistants, Coyote and Redcap. Their antics often involved stealing other people’s properties or stealing the clothes off of animals, usually sheep. Another great example of early clown pranksters was the Moggleface. who was believed to be an evil clown with magical powers? He was most often sent by Redcap to amuse people at fairs and festivals by making strange noises and waving around various objects.


There is a lot of fascinating information contained within this charming book. It is full of fun facts about many of the world’s most famous and beloved tricksters, such as the Big Bad Wolf, Lion, and Wooden Man. This charming and enjoyable book offers a look into the world of wonder and fun. And also a glimpse into the history of magic, illusionists, and the ancient world.

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