Crazy Bizarre Attempts to Weaponize Insects

When the US military was first trying to weaponize insects, they were attempting to weaponize bacterium and make antibiotics. It sounds a bit crazy. But in the 1940s, the military was working with insects to try and build an army of MRVs (Mobile Robotic Vehicles) to go into combat on overseas bases. These MRVs would have been armed with a variety of different types of antipersonnel mines. And weapons that would be left behind after the soldiers went home. It was a crazy concept, and it never made a lot of sense. But it was something that worked in the field of entomology. It also seems that the US government was interested in insect swarms for another reason altogether.


The US military was interested in weaponizing insects to kill zombies. Zombie is a term that describes any type of dead human being that is re-animated by some unknown virus. It is mostly a metaphor for evil; however, the US military has used it in many applications over the years. The US military has weaponized mosquitoes to kill anyone that has the disease. Whether that is the zombies or re-animated people. It is truly bizarre attempts to weaponize insects, but if you think about it, you can probably figure out just what the motivation is for the US military. The US military has also weaponized cockroaches and gophers to do similar tasks as the mosquito, just as the military has weaponized wasps to do the same as the military has weaponized rats to do similar tasks as the insect swarms in the 1940s that trying to weaponize insects.


Perhaps the most bizarre attempts to weaponize insects are the ones that try to weaponize viruses. The military is trying to weaponize viruses with micro aerosol weapons. Which are supposed to leave the target area clouded in deadly bacteria. Although this sounds pretty dangerous and if it works it would be great since we could use these against our own forces in enemy battles. Apparently, however, this is a very expensive project. And it is also very difficult to make a mass-produced aerosol with viruses in it, which may not work. If it does work, it could very well cause a lot of casualties among our own forces because there is not enough time to make more. This seems to be an ongoing and bizarre effort to weaponize insects or even small animals and turn them into weapons.

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