Hot Women’s Sports Reporters – Get the Hottest Women in the Room!

Who in the world is she? I remember when I first discovered the Hottest Women Sports Reporters of Today and I was blown away. Today, as a professional in the online dating business I get asked a lot about this question and I get asked it often too.


You see, the problem with the sports world is that they don’t evolve with the times. It’s a sport dominated by men, which makes it easy to pass judgment on a woman and not a man. Remember when Princess Di was married to Tiger Woods and he was always making fun of her looks? That’s the world we live in and that’s why it’s so hard to succeed in this industry.


However, I’ve always felt there was room for improvement. We have to accept the fact that men can be chauvinistic and that women can be too. When women sports reporters ask a question that doesn’t have an easy answer, they are criticized for asking the question in a patronizing way. That is not a compliment.


They say all sports are about confidence and determination. They are absolutely right. Confidence and determination are needed to overcome obstacles and reach your goals. So, sportsman, play to your strengths!


I remember years ago when the Female Sports Reporters of Today Magazine came out. Many sportsmen were upset and even acidic about it. Well, that changed because of strong support for the women reporters from all walks of life. Today, there is no gender divide in sports reporting and everyone stands up for what they believe in.


I hope you will follow my advice today. Remember, if it is not broke don’t fix it! If you feel uncomfortable asking questions about relationships, hobbies or lifestyles then don’t do it. Be yourself, be aggressive and be passionate about your love of the sport! If you want to know what the best sportsmen and women are at, work on that.


It has been said by many sportsmen and women alike that the best way to get hot women is to act as a jack-of-all-trades and master at least one sports skill. You might be thinking, “Really? This whole dating advice thing isn’t helping anyone!” Well, let me ask you this question; How would you feel if you were approached by an athlete, asked out on a date, went on a date, and got the great feeling that he had everything that you were looking for?


What if that athlete turned out to be “that guy” that never dated anyone, always kept his word to everyone? Wouldn’t you want to know what he did to get that girl? Would you want to know how “that” guy became the “perfect guy?” Wouldn’t you think that you should try him out? That would get you an idea of whether or not you should be with him.


What if he was that good-looking and had a great personality, but you just weren’t “meeting the right person”? Do you have to be with him in order to get along in your life? No way! Just because he’s “that guy”, doesn’t mean you should jump into a relationship with him on the spot without knowing all of the details of his past relationships to make sure that he’s the right one for you.

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