Ko Samui – The Queen of the Tropical Islands

Ko Samui is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist islands. It is one of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in all of South-East Asia. Ko Samui is situated in the Gulf of Thailand along the east coast of Thailand. It is renowned for its exotic palm-fringed sandy beaches, dense, lush rainforests, luxurious resorts and upscale spas, and landmark 12m high Big Buddha statue at Wat Phra Yai temple.


Ko Samui is an ideal holiday destination for sun-seekers, as it is an island that offers excellent diving beaches, world class snorkelling, white water rafting, and scuba diving. The coral and fauna of Ko Samui make it a paradise for divers and other sea life enthusiasts. Its pristine beaches have soft and clear water that makes swimming a delightful experience. The limestone cliffs and emerald waters make the beach destinations popular with surfers.


The pristine sandy beaches are extremely luxuriant and Ko Samui is blessed with superb natural beauty, with its tropical gardens and scenic hiking trails. The lush green forests provide a homely ambiance. The limestone cliffs give a grand feeling and the islands have a soothing effect. Ko Samui is also a great destination for tourists interested in nature. Tourists can indulge in bird watching, elephant riding, elephant safari, Jeep safari, hiking, fishing, jet skiing, and other adventurous sports.


The limestone cliffs and emerald waters of Ko Samui also attract the species of fish that inhabit these waters. Koi carp, manta rays, sharks, turtles, and other marine creatures can be seen basking in the sunlight on beach destinations. Koi fish is a very popular tourist attraction and the ornamental fish found here are stunning. Koi breeding is quite common at this beach and several types of Koi are kept in beautiful condition.


The white sandy beaches of Ko Samui are lovely to the eyes. The Koi fish attractions are so immense that the island receives thousands of tourists looking for them. In fact, the number of visitors to the island is more than the number of people who actually live there. Thus, a Koi enthusiast should never miss a chance to visit Ko Samui.


Ko Samui is a beautiful place, which is famous for the excellent resorts and hotels that are available here. There are numerous resorts and hotels in Ko Samui that provide excellent accommodation and comfort to the tourists. One can easily find a Koi resort hotel by making a search online.

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