Similan Islands: The Perfect Island Getaway

The Similan Islands is located off the west coast of and adjacent to, Phang Nga Province in Southern Thailand. It was officially designated as Mu Ko Similan National Park later in 1982 following a one-year study by the national forest department. A visit to this enchanting island paradise is definitely unforgettable for any traveler. It is not only the scenic beauty of the place but the rich culture that pervades the people that make the Similan Islands worth a visit.


If you have visited Similan Islands before, then you will be familiar with its palm trees and other tropical flora and fauna. Similan Islands has also a rich history, which can be discovered on various heritage sites and museums. For travelers who are interested in history and cultural heritage, Similan is definitely a great place to visit.


For travelers who would like to experience Similan Islands without having to go to Phuket, then there are several options for you. You could first try the ferry ride from Krabi’s Phuket Town. From Phuket, you could take a boat ride to Koh Samui Island. From Koh Samui, you could go back to Phuket. The fastest and easiest way is by taking a cable car to Koh Nangyuan. Once there, you could stay at the Nangyuan Resort and then continue your journey to Similan Islands.


Similan Islands is not just about water and beaches. Its natural beauty is simply breathtaking. You will see exotic and unique animals roaming around, you’ll see mangroves, forests, rice fields, and beautiful waterfalls. There are a lot of tourists that come to the Similan Islands to watch the wild monkeys play around. Although there are monkeys to be seen, tourists should keep in mind that Similan monkeys are different from other monkeys as they are highly aggressive towards humans.


Similan Island has a rich culture. The whole island is populated with proud, hardworking people. You’ll see that their entire villages are constructed neatly and meticulously. Since Similan Island has a small population, the tourism industry has been able to prosper and flourish here. As Similan Island is still relatively undeveloped, the people here are fortunate to have a more western-style lifestyle than what they may experience in bigger tourist places.


Similan Islands offers a lot for its visitors. There is a variety of attractions for people of all ages. There are also a lot of things to do when you’re not on the water. The whole island is well-known for its diving sites, so if you are interested in scuba diving, then Similan Islands can be a wonderful place for you to visit. Just remember to take your diving equipment before you go.

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