Smartphone Brands for 2021 – Top 3 Mobile Phone Brands for Fall 2021

The Smartphone Market has become extremely saturated with numerous Smartphone brands. These Smartphones offer users access to a myriad of features, functions, and capabilities, enabling individuals and businesses to stay connected with their work and personal life at all times. Due to the increasing popularity of Smartphones, more people are asking the question as to which mobile phone or smartphone brand is the best.

A quick Internet search will yield hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that specialize in smartphones. Each of these websites offers a different selection of Smartphones from different smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and others. For ease of research, these websites often link to online stores where you can find the latest Smartphone models and Smartphone accessories available. This allows users the convenience of shopping for Smartphone models and buying accessories from one website and checking out the products on another site.


One of the most popular and widely sold Smartphones in the United States is the Nokia E71. This five-inch touch screen phone offers users a vibrant display, large text size, excellent sound quality, and high definition video. Nokia has also launched the Windows Mobile platform version of the E71, which provides the user with a powerful and easy-to-use interface. As a result, many users have purchased the Nokia E71 and traded in their old smartphones for the newer ones provided by the Nokia Company.


Another highly popular mobile phone in the United States is the Alcatel-lucent smartphone. Alcatel-lucent is owned by AT&T, which is one of the largest cellular phone companies in the world. The company website touts the benefits of owning an Alcatel-lucent mobile phone, such as: being offered exclusive deals through local dealers, receiving your wireless service activated even faster, enjoying roaming discounts, free LCD TV with mobile internet, free mobile insurance, free DVR upgrades when purchasing a new smartphone, free GPRS devices, free MMS features, free VOIP minutes, free data plans, free cell phone minutes, free texting, no contract, no annual fees, and no limits. Users can also enjoy the convenience of having top global mobile brands support Alcatel-lucent smartphones. In fact, several high-end smartphones from the leading mobile companies including Nokia, Samsung, and HTC are supported on Alcatel-Lucent’s EasyPay feature.


Perhaps the strongest global smartphone brand is LG Mobile. The LG Eros phone, launched in May 2021, was one of the very first handsets to utilize the Windows Mobile platform. Despite the Eros’ great start, the LG Eros experienced many issues such as poor reception and weak cameras. Fortunately, these problems were quickly rectified through the manufacturer’s updates and service plans. In the year 2021, LG Mobile continued to gain loyalists and fans, and the LG Optimus model was one of the highlights of their year.


Another strong global mobile phone brand that recently expanded into the United States is the Chinese-based company, Xiaomi. The company has a long history in the field of smartphones and mobile technology. Although the company has only been in business for a few years, its presence in the US market is quickly spreading into other parts of the world, such as offering free gifts to customers who purchase their gadgets via their company website. This strategy, which is similar to that used by Apple, is designed to give consumers an extra benefit when purchasing a smartphone from their site.


One of the most unexpected smartphone entrants in the list of top global mobile phone brands for the second half of this year is LG. After experiencing a disappointing second quarter last year, LG is expected to release refreshed smartphones this fall. Some believe that the LG V20, which features a lot of internal changes, maybe the device that finally pushes the LG brand into the mainstream. It is important to keep in mind that although LG has experienced a loss in profit compared to last year’s models, the Korean company still possesses a large number of high-end smartphones that are capable of providing users with a great deal of media-rich functions.


Last but certainly not least on our list of smartphone companies that are seeing their shares decline is Samsung. Samsung recently released two smartphones – the Galaxy S7 and Note 8 – which disappointed with their low performance. Although Samsung has received a significant amount of negative criticism in the US, it is important to note that the company still manufactures high-end smartphones that are capable of providing a significant amount of functionality to users. In short, despite the declining sales of iPhones and Android devices, Samsung is one of the few mobile companies that is actually gaining ground by providing consumers with smartphone applications that are well designed and packed with features.

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