What Are the Qualities of a Scout?

If you’re considering becoming a part of the scouting organization known as Qualities Scouts, there are some things you should know. Qualities Scouts was founded in 1986 by retired Army Intelligence Chief Richard V. Hubbard. It is one of the first official United States covert spy rings. Since then, Qualities Scouts has grown to become an international program that brings together people who share a passion for scouting and high-performance leadership.


The core group of Qualities Scouts is made up of 10 members from each of the armed services, law enforcement, and various national security organizations. They perform assessments of potential candidates. Qualities Scouts is also recognized by the United States Peace Office and the National Intelligence Council as a program that helps to build global talent. A candidate who receives a High Scout award is considered a Qualities Scout.


One of the greatest values of the Qualities Scouts program is to foster leadership qualities in individuals while simultaneously developing teamwork and building skills needed for working in foreign countries. While they do not hire their members for specific jobs, they do provide job placement assistance. Members are strongly encouraged to network within their peer group and within their national organizations. This will help members recognize and develop potential team-building skills needed to be successful both overseas and here at home. These skills are essential for success both in the US and overseas.


The Qualities Scouts program is separated into three levels – novice, intermediate and expert. For each level, prospective scout candidates are required to take a series of tests. Once a candidate passes the preliminary examination, he or she is eligible to attend the regional scouts’ camp. Each camp lasts anywhere from two to four days. During the camp, which can last anywhere from a single day to two weeks, expert scouts – are given special training on a wide range of topics including wilderness safety, cultural studies, business skills, sports, history, mathematics, and science.


As an individual develops throughout the program, he or she may be able to choose to continue on to a national board of examiners. At that point, the individual would have completed the necessary work to earn the title of scoutmaster. Becoming a scoutmaster requires maintaining high grades in school and working towards a degree. Individuals interested in becoming a guide must also complete a two-year apprenticeship with an experienced country team or in a similar specialized field. During the apprenticeship, the student will learn everything from how to use safety equipment and maps to how to design quality safety plans for every aspect of the life of a scout. At the end of the apprenticeship, the student is expected to be ready to earn the title of full scoutmaster.


In some regions, such as Canada and the United States, it is possible to become a part of the Girl Scouts instead of a member of the scouts themselves. The Girl Scouts, however, do require a year of community service as well as a final exam. The scouts and Girl Scouts programs are separate, though both have strong ties to the values espoused by the founder, which include building self-confidence, providing a loving and supportive environment, and providing a safe and enjoyable experience for young people.

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