Youngest Female Sports Star and Champ

There are a lot of great things in store for the youngest female athlete of any sport. The youngest female ever to win an Olympic gold medal is 33-year-old Canadian swimmer Sage Smith. The youngest woman to compete in the Olympics is British sprinting champion athletics champion Emma Poole, who is also a member of the London 2021 team. However, it may still be a long time until another woman makes history by winning an Olympic medal, but the possibility is certainly more than a little interesting.


Perhaps, the first sport in which a woman can excel is field sports. There are a number of different games that fall under this category including but not limited to track and field, badminton, tennis, and basketball. The most popular girls’ game around is basketball, but there is no rule against playing sports other than golf. There are so many exciting new sports that females are taking up and joining sports like luge, swimming, and softball. These are all age-based games where the athletes have to be over a certain age to participate.


Perhaps the oldest female sportsmen is Missiology professor, Lisa Coleman, from the University of Texas. She holds the records for the fastest jump ever and the highest vertical jump of any woman. She has also set the mark for the longest-running 100-meter dashes and the highest archery jump. The youngest woman ever to compete in this sport was 18-year-old Mandy Moore from St. Cloud, Minnesota. She competed in the Missiology State Championship and became the first-ever female in that competition to win it.


One other game that is gaining popularity is the sport of table tennis. This game was actually invented by an adult male, but it gained popularity as a game for younger women as well as men. Like basketball, table tennis is an age-based sport. Younger girls may not be able to use the specialized gear that the older women do, so they choose another game. However, they are very competitive and have gained widespread attention.


A few years ago, the ladies golfing league held a tournament to find the fastest golfer. They needed someone to qualify, and the fastest one was women aged 18 or younger. One little-known sport is roller-skating. Many of the younger generations never knew this sport even existed until about ten years ago, when it was introduced in the Olympics. It is gaining great popularity and is being covered on T.V.


Other games are becoming more popular, and some of these games involve sports stars from the past. For example, in the women’s gold medal game at the Olympic Games, all the gymnasts were younger than the older team members. Ten years ago, the older women did not have the skills or speed to make the shorter, skilled competitors beat them. These days, they can do it and look amazing doing it! All you have to do is turn on your TV and you can see these younger women making hard cuts and breaking records. This is the future of women’s sports and if you are not watching you are falling behind!

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